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Astrophyllite Beaded Bracelet | 4mm

Astrophyllite Beaded Bracelet | 4mm

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Astrophyllite, with its starburst of light, reveals the hidden patterns of our divine blueprint and life purpose, either through meditation or by magnetizing synchronicities in our everyday life. Following the pattern of such random events, we can discern the outline of what the Universe wants from us and for us.

Astrophyllite is both a magnet for synchronicities and an aid to being more aware of their occurrence and meaning.

A powerful storm elemental stone, Astrophyllite is a catalyst for transformation that activates the Chakra column to become a channel for high-frequency light energy. It activates, charges, and aligns all seven Chakras of the body. The complex structure and flashing reflection of Astrophyllite resonate with its deeper meaning: to shine a light on the mirror of consciousness, to illuminate the true self.

Astrophyllite is an amplifier of our latent truth. It helps us accept our shadow to find wholeness and is a useful talisman when we are bored, depressed, or fall into unhealthy patterns. It assists us in finding light in the darkest corners and expressing our full light in the world. With the help of Astrophyllite, we can face our darkest fears and reclaim our full power.

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