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Astrology Twin Tapestry - Bedspread

Astrology Twin Tapestry - Bedspread

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Astrology twin tapestry - bedspread. Gypsy rose copyright design!!! Gypsy rose tapestries are hand printed in amazing india on 100% natural cotton. They have been a favorite with tour heads and college students for years upon years. They are the same ones you've seen in the parking lots on grateful dead tour, at festivals, in dorm rooms, in windows, on couches, in vw buses, at the beach, on picnics, used as tents, as seen on tv and movies, and even on stage! Chill out with peace, love, & sun shiny days!!! Size: approx 53" x 80". Gypsy rose tapestries are hand made sizes, design details & colors may vary.

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