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Astrology in the Workplace | The Zodiac Guide to Creating

Astrology in the Workplace | The Zodiac Guide to Creating


Have you ever wondered what makes your work colleagues tick? Is your boss a firebrand, a visionary or someone you can always turn to? Are your colleagues creative or intensely practical?

World-renowned astrologer, Penny Thornton, stresses the huge influence that zodiac signs have on your working relationships. Discover how to work best with your colleagues or put project teams together: will a feisty Scorpio work well with a pragmatic Taurean, or will an energetic Capricorn lock horns with dogmatic Leo?

This book includes:
• A guide to each element-fire, earth, air and water
• An insight into the curriculum vitae of each sign, their strengths and weaknesses
• What each sign is like as a boss and a worker
• The best careers for each sign
• Tables showing how well each sign relates to other zodiac signs

Astrology in the Workplace is an insightful guide full of great advice to improve your working relationships.

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