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Angels Legacy | Book One

Angels Legacy | Book One

$8.48 $16.95
Author: Morgana Starr

Recurring dreams of flight send investigative journalist, Anara, on a journey to uncover their hidden meaning. Through a series of incredible events, she finds herself at the beautiful, ever-spring home of Hattie, who begins to tell her spellbinding story: In a strange land, where people live amongst fairies and unicorns, Kahara, a shape-shifting angel, forms a partnership with Nebo, a human sworn to protect her. The angel of war, Azza, joins them to heal the sick and fight the injustice and crimes against the subjects committed by a hard-hearted, greedy regent. When all seems lost, they find a new hope in Tammuz, a child with a heart so pure that nature itself obeys his wishes. Kahara and Nebo raise him in secret, racing against time to educate and protect him until he can take his rightful place as king of the land of Kishar, before all of the good in the kingdom is destroyed.

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Publisher:Red Wheel
Publish Date:Aug. 1 2014
Author:Morgana Starr

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