Angel of Love | Wooden Pocket Plaque

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Angel of Love,

did you send my beloved to me?
No song but an angel's could sing this love.

It's like the cry of geese upon the lake,
the scent of rose that takes the mind away,
the dance of rain, the eyes of night,
the moon & sun that are one light.

Lost in love, I find myself anew.
Waked by love, belovèd, I see you.

© Gabrielle Herbertson


About the Artist

Lynn Garlick started carving, painting, and producing her retablos in 1993. Her workshop is located in the high desert town of Taos, New Mexico, a landscape richly steeped in religious iconography and history. The retablo, or ʻboard behind the alterʼ, was originally created in New Mexico in the 1800ʼs in response to the lack of Bibles and Icons being sent from the church in Rome. The Santero (saint maker) painted retablos from pigment collected and ground from the local surroundings. The boards were hand hewed usually of ponderosa pine or tin. The practice has carried down through the generations and is still done this way today. Lynn paints her originals retablos on traditional pine boards carving and then paints them. To create her production work the images are mounted on baltic birch. 

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