Angel Aura Quartz Pendants | Assorted

Color: Orange
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These pendants are different varieties of aura quartz.  

Aura Quartz is a specially coated type of Quartz. The quartz is alchemically bonded with metal oxides. These oxides can include: titanium, niobium, gold, silver, platinum, etc. Despite the treatment being a human-interference, the energy is remarkably different from an untreated quartz.

Each kind of coating can aid in a specific type of energy:

  • Gold Properties: solar energy, archetypal male energy, creativity, confidence, vitality.
  • Silver Properties: lunar energy, archetypal feminine energy, mystery, introversion, the unconscious
  • Platinum Properties: Cosmic connection, interdimensional communication
  • Copper Properties: Channeling + grounding higher vibrations, conducting and enhancing stone energies.
  • Titanium Properties: Power, action, higher awareness, synthesizing contradictory energies.
  • Niobium properties: activating the rainbow body, communications with extra-terrestrials and etheric entities.

Combining these metals and their properties with the power of quartz helps emphasize and increase reaching the desired energies of its user. All forms of aura quartz are master healers. They can aid in expanding consciousness, connecting with spirits, and eliminating toxins.

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