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An Autism Unscripted Life

An Autism Unscripted Life

Author: Tony Hernandez Pumarejo
Autism and disabilities advocate Tony Hernandez-Pumarejo knew that there was something different about him early on in his life. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism spectrum disorder at the age of 3. However, he didn’t find out that that he had Asperger’s until later in life. As he was growing up, he dealt with the different challenges that came with being on the Autism spectrum, such as verbal impairment, communication, anxiety, depression and social relationship issues. In addition, he dealt with cases of bullying, rejection and other struggles in his life. Despite these setbacks, Tony didn’t let his “disability” control and determine what he could accomplish in life. Tony has been able to overcome life’s challenges and has accomplished key life goals such as graduating from college, getting employment, and being able to fulfill his role of advocate in helping people with Autism have a better life. An Autism Unscripted Life talks about the story of Tony and the challenges and life situations that he went through that are common and uncommon for a person with Autism. From child to adult, Tony will talk about how he dealt with those situations, the struggles that he went through, and how he was able to overcome those challenges. He will also talk about his key accomplishments in life so far, hobbies, the challenges in the Autism community and much more.
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Publisher:Independently published
Publish Date:Oct. 31 2018
Author:Tony Hernandez Pumarejo

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