All Politics Is Religious: Speaking Faith to the Media, Policy Makers and Community

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Faith grows when we speak of it in the public square and live out its vision for a better world. Here s how., , Religious forces are turning to schools, health care, media, the economy and more with the agenda of establishing one faith perspective and its restrictions as the rule for everybody. But the times call for a reinvigorated expression of a variety of religious outlooks, and that means more than talk of good faith, strong feelings and the facts. It relies on a working understanding of why we speak, who we speak to, what to say, how to say it and where., , All Politics Is Religious provides ideas and strategies for a clear, forceful, positive, effective and renewed religious expression that is all too often overlooked and under-represented. It identifies the religious themes in our great debates immigration, the needs of children and families, church-state separation and reproductive rights, including abortion and presents new language and methods for communication. In a voice that is warm, conversational and, at times, playful, it avoids attacking or ridiculing those who disagree. It steers away from the all-too-familiar political jargon left, right, liberal, conservative, socialist and instead relies on historical examples, current events and personal stories to illustrate the best ways to communicate the positive role faith can play in personal and public life.

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