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Genuine Chakra Gem Stones I Tie On Waist-beads | I 42

Genuine Chakra Gem Stones I Tie On Waist-beads | I 42"

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Alignment-Breathe ***** WE believe peace of mind is the best gift for your health. It is our goal to reduce your stress and bring positive energy to not only your physical but also your mental health.  This is a beautiful 2 strand  Chakra Waistbeads  featuring the seven stones associated with each Chakra. This waistbead will help activate your Chakras to bring balance and energy into your life! All in one waistbead strand. This precious waistbead is made with: -Amethyst (Crown) -Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye) -Blue Aquamarine (Throat) -Green Aventurine (Heart) -Tiger Eye (Solar Plexus) -Citrine Stone (Sacral) -Red Agate (Root) ☆This waistbead is so easy to wear! This is a tie-on waistbead that will keep all your energies balanced and strong, if you are on the go shopping or while doing meditation, yoga, at work etc! Genuine chakra gem stones :

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