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Aftermath of Forever: How I Loved & Lost & Found Myself

Aftermath of Forever: How I Loved & Lost & Found Myself

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Paperback. Published by Microcosm!
The Aftermath of Forever: How I Loved and Lost and Found Myself. The Mix Tape Diaries
Paperback. The romantic coming-of-age of a woman in her 20s dating in San Francisco. After the disappointment of a failed marriage, Natalye Childress embarks on a soul-searching journey to discover what happens when the one you thought you would be with forever breaks your heart. Using music as a vehicle to express herself, she revisits ten men from her past and paints a portrait of their relationships through the mixtapes she made for them. She catapults herself into the hedonistic world of noncommittal beaus, abusive boyfriends, and friends with benefits. She candidly dissects her love life on the page as she shares the inspiring and hopeful moments alongside the awkward and painful realizations that accompany dating in the present day, when everyone is looking for something different.

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