After the Ceremony Ends | A Companion Guide to Help You Integrate Visionary Plant Medicine Experiences

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Have you ever had any of these thoughts: 
  • How much ceremony is too much ceremony? 
  • When is ceremony not the best next step? 
  • If your shaman is not from your culture or local to you, what can you do to integrate after a ceremony?
  • What do you do when ceremony reveals trauma? 
  • How can you ground your work with visionary plants and "walk the teachings" in your daily life? 

After the Ceremony Ends helps you understand how you can embrace your work with visionary plants much more fully so that you can heal more profoundly and grow  from the place of your deepest authenticity. 

The ceremony is only the beginning: Integrating your experiences is critical to your transformation and, without it, you risk becoming more fractured and destabilized. 

Learn how to work with visionary plants more consciously to find the wholeness and  freedom that you seek!

Dr. Katherine Coder is a transpersonal psychologist, guide, and teacher. She works through elemental medicine, one-on-one meetings, and group trainings and ceremonies. Katherine invites people to realize and express their full humanness - to themselves, in relationship, and in community. Her specialties include trauma resolution, visionary plant medicine integration work, deep feminine cultivation, ceremony, and individual client work. Her transformative work connects body, mind, and Spirit to allow people to integrate at a profound level and live from true essence. Katherine comes to her specialization of visionary plant medicine integration work through her studies in transpersonal psychology, her own personal exploration of visionary plant practice for healing, and her service as a visionary plant medicine guide. Along her path, she worked with ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, kambo, huachuma, tobacco, and iboga through medicine holders from Colombia, Ecuador, Gabon, and Peru among other places. After her ceremonies with iboga, she felt that she had found the early trauma that her deeper self was searching for and she began to bring her visionary plant work to a close and start down the long road of integration. She currently practices complete sobriety from all substance use, including alcohol, and supports others through the process of integration. Dr. Coder is also the cofounder of the Sacred Elemental Wisdom Institute, an organization that teaches women how to embrace their own medicine path through the foundation of elemental medicine and ceremony work. She can be reached through her website at, her Facebook page, Katherine Coder, PhD, or by email to See her work with the Sacred Elemental Wisdom Institute at

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