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Actions Speak Louder

Actions Speak Louder

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Are you tired of hollow promises about diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization? Do you want to take steps towards real change – beyond issuing mission statements, signing checks, and holding listening sessions – but don’t know where to start? This book is your answer. Designed for teams to read together, Actions Speak Louder offers a comprehensive blueprint for leaders and teams who are ready to get out of their own way, look at their surroundings with new eyes, and turn their energy into a concrete plan.
Renowned DEI consultant Deanna Singh has led diversity trainings for a wide range of organizations, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Using narratives, case studies, and the latest DEI research, as well as interactive exercises, Singh will teach you how to:
 Write inclusive job advertisements because “minorities just don’t apply here” isn’t an excuse – you’re just not reaching them
 Design an interview process that reduces status quo bias and challenges hiring decisions that are simply “no brainers”
 Create a retention plan that considers and prioritizes the needs of underrepresented employees – if you haven’t intentionally designed one to be inclusive, you’ve unintentionally reinforced one that is exclusive.
 Lead inclusive meetings – the bedrock of company culture – by practicing constructive dissent and elevating underrepresented perspectives

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