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Abundance Tracker 2022

Abundance Tracker 2022

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This workbook is loaded with tools to help you oversee your cash flow.

This journal has the potential to help you:

  • identify where and how you're spending your money

  • identify patterns of scarcity/abundance in your life

  • focus on achieving your financial goals

  • set intentional monetary goals

  • manifest financial oraginzation

  • align with the frequency of abundance

    What sets this Abundance Tracker 2022 apart from other planners:

—A clean approach takes the intimidation out of managing your finances and allows you to focus on cultivating a mindset of abundance and ultimately financial peace.

—Pleasant illustrations throughout the workbook and affirmations make for a truly holistic and engaging experience like no other on this platform.

—This forward and captivating approach entices the daily activities required for participants who want to keep track of how money flows in their lives.

—Includes bonus features for modern organization and grounded journaling.

Dimensions: 8"x10"

This abundance tracker was designed specifically to help you manifest financial stability from a mindful approach.

Start generating, attracting, and flowing with all the abundance already available to you

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