40 Money Spells: 40 Days to Wealth Consciousness

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This is a book of 40 short, powerful, practical, proven spells for WEALTH CREATION that WORK. Not included here is fluff, hype, gimmicks or platitudes, nor is anything here unnecessarily complicated, hard to understand or difficult to implement. The spells here are quite simply alchemy of the soul. As the introduction of the book states, these spells are not directed at outer effects. This magick is simple, born of necessity… my own burning desire to unleash myself from the shackles of lack and limitation that seemed to haunt me at every turn, even when I had money. In this 40-Day process, we only spell SELF. We do not spell outer conditions. There is no need to spell outer conditions. Outer conditions have no power. This magick acknowledges that all the power to effect change in your world is INSIDE YOU. This magick takes an ‘inside-out’ approach, rather than the forms of magick that cast spells on other people or on anything outside of self. When you change, all else changes. That’s the heart and soul of this magick: SELF TRANSFORMATION as ALCHEMY OF THE SOUL. Also included are lined pages to journal your notes.

BONUS: there's also a YouTube Playlist to accompany the book. The playlist can be found at www.ValerieLoveTV.com

KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love) is an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, practicing Christian Witch and the author of 14 books on practical spirituality. Affectionately known as the Divine Midwife, she is here on a soul assignment to midwife the birth of a new consciousness on planet earth. KAISI leads retreats globally, coaches and shares with audiences the Spirit path to creating a life of FREEDOM: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Visit KAISI online to explore endless possibilities: www.ValerieLove.com Videos to set your soul on fire are available to you at: www.ValerieLoveTV.com

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