The following is, word for word, the auto-obituary that was penned by Beverly:

It is my desire to write my own obituary. It will now be called "My Orbit," and I expect my family to honor that.

Who am I and what have I learned?
#1 - I am the grateful wife and companion of my "Sweet William" for our 51 years of togetherness.
#2 - I am grateful that my children John, Daniel, James, Amy Kay and Marcus chose me as their Mother. 
#3 - I am grateful that I've been allowed to be the Caretaker of the Spiral Circle Bookstore for these past 41 chosen years.
#4 - I am grateful for the myriad of souls, seen and unseen, that have been my friends in this journey of life.
#5 - I am grateful for this fascinating, beautiful planet and all of her inhabitants who have been my support in this dimension of time. Life is eternal and I know that we will be exploring again together - as we have in the past, in the now and in the future.

Namaste, Beverly

Beverly A. Ford
Born: January 25, 1929, Slades Corners, Wisconsin

A word from William Ford, Beverly's husband: Two years prior to her transition, Beverly somehow contracted a lung infection known in the medical field as Micobacterium Avium Complex (aka MAC) while suffering from a bout of pneumonia. This bacteria (one of those "super bugs") was very resistant to treatment, and the side effects of the only medications provided for her had reacted so adversely that she simply could not take them on a continuing basis. The result was that she was forced to let the bacteria run its course, and its final result was to overcome her respiratory system and to ultimately cause congestive heart failure. Her transition was made in the Winter Park Hospital on August 5, 2016. She crossed over very peacefully while being surrounded by family. It is also interesting to note that this was the very same hospital where her fourth son Marcus, and her only daughter, Amy Kay, were both born. Amy played the "Ode to Joy" (Beethoven's 9th Symphony) from her cell phone during her passing. This was one of Beverly's favorites, and had been shared with her husband each and every New Year's Eve to welcome in the birth of the upcoming year. Thus, it became the perfect setting for her to be re-birthed into her new spiritual environment. The picture here of Beverly was extracted from a portrait of her 50th wedding anniversary to William, and was taken just ten months before her crossing over.

Beverly's cremation was handled by Baldwin-Fairchild, Ivanhoe Blvd. Orlando, FL, and according to her wishes, there was no formal service, but instead a private remembrance and ceremony was held by family members.