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Remembering Sweet William

Remembering Sweet William


Two years ago today, William Ford passed the torch to the new stewards of Spiral Circle with a heartfelt and hilarious poem he wrote to mark the occasion, as was his custom on special occasions. As Spiral’s guardian and quiet co-founder of our beloved bookstore, William was every bit a gentleman and it was our honor to get to know him these past few years. It is with mixed emotions that we announce Sweet William has joined his beloved Beverly in the great beyond exactly two months ago. He fulfilled his final mission of making sure Spiral Circle would continue on. William’s final poem was read aloud by one of Spiral Circle’s new stewards at a private send off of his ashes that now join Beverly’s. To the last breathe, he was singing Beverly’s praises. Our hearts go out to their surviving adult children and grandchildren.

With William’s passing, it is the end of an era for Spiral Circle and it is a rare and beautiful occurrence that such a special place would not only survive it’s founders, but find renewed life and thrive once more. 


Obituary for William Young Ford

By William Young Ford

Born on January 21st, 1933 and crossed over on August 13, 2021


This represents my parting word, and I'm writing it myself

For my children and grandchildren to put upon a shelf.

One day they'll pick it up to read and wonder who I am,

And know their Dad and Opa was not a hologram.


Obituaries seem to center on the things that one has done,

And emphasize one's accolades and prizes he has won.

That's not the case with me, you see, for I haven't changed the world,

I lived my life the best I could until the end unfurled.


And yes, I was an Engineer designing concrete poles

To hold up wires and lights and such with cell phones as their goals.

For many years I walked the path the corporate world embraced,

And then it dawned on me one day my skills could be replaced.


So I parted ways with that routine to a business for myself,

And offered Engineering skills from books upon my shelf.

But that was really second place to the quest that I aspired,

For the one thing that I mostly loved was my wife whom I admired.


I had a life before my wife but t'was routine at best,

So when we met I knew right then my world was being blessed.

Then we chose to share our lives and walk along as one,

And so it was from that time on until our work was done.


Just imagine if you will a widow with three boys,

Who finds a man whose company she actually enjoys.

She's very cautious of this man for she needed someone true,

But Love was there to make its mark, and it came in from the blue.


The two were wed within a year, a second time for both,

And soon a second family came after they took their oath.

First a girl and then a boy and the doctor said no more,

'Twas quite enough to add two more to the three who came before.


Her name you see was Beverly and her heart was full of love,

Sometimes her will was strong as steel but could be like a dove,

The thing that people most admired was her sense of gratitude,

She'd make you feel a special way and then uplift your mood.


As years went by it was revealed the secret glue that bound

Our souls as one to magnify the love that we had found.

If your loving spouse can also be your best and faithful friend

Then the best of both worlds you will have with true love till the end.


She ran her store like none before and succeeded all the way,

And I'm proud to say I backed her up and helped her come what may.

I was her Wing Man through it all, and loved it from the start,

And so it was our Destiny until Fate caused us to part.


Our time on Earth is full of joy as it takes you in its arms

And lets your senses feel the bliss and experience her charms.

To share that joy with someone else is fulfillment of one's life,

And I'm proud to say in every way that I found the perfect wife.


So to those I know and leave behind, do not my fate bemoan,

Great Spirit knows just what you need, and what you should be shown.

I'll see you on the Other Side when your life on Earth is done,

And we'll come back again once more to complete what was begun.




The family of William Young Ford invites you to leave a message of condolence on the Tribute Wall created in his loving memory:!/Obituary

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    I’m so grateful for them both. I visited the Spiral Circle since the 70s….I miss them and hope only good for them, their store and their loved ones.

    Lynn McEachern
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