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Spiritual Practices During the Pandemic | Show Up for Yourself! - Spiral Circle

Spiritual Practices During the Pandemic | Show Up for Yourself!


We are so honored to share with you a 3 part video series recorded for Spiral Circle Books and More by Jacques Theron of the Book of Floating Pages.

In this series, Jaques talks about spiritual practices that we can do while in isolation. In this 3rd video, Jacques talks about cultivating time and space to show up for ourselves.

He shares some ideas about how to show up using techniques such as breathwork.  Conscious breathwork helps to calm your mind and body. When you do this, your inner healer is able to balance what needs to be balanced. “It’s when the head gets out of the way that we can then start to show up for ourselves,” Jacques says.  Another way that this can be accomplished is by making a date with yourself to be with yourself. Showing up and giving yourself time is important. This is when we get ideas and inspiration.


Jacques was born in Australia in 1971. He has degrees in architecture (B.Bdg.A), psychology/languages (B.A), and French Literature at the Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis (France) and has also worked as a ceramicist, artist, and writer.

Since 1996 he has trained extensively in Conscious Breathwork, Astrology, mythology, and Tarot.

“The Building Blocks of Tarot ” (a book explaining the symbolism of the Tarot cards) and “Healing Doorways ” (a visualization CD) were both released in 2004. In 2007 he published the “Classical Mythology Deck,“ which he illustrated and conceived. The latter is a set of 90 cards covering the principle gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman pantheon.


Jacques first walked the pilgrimage to Santiago-de-Compostela in Spain in July 2001. The experience was so life-changing that he now runs a facilitated spiritual process along this ‘Camino’ with other pilgrims almost every year.

He currently lives in São Paulo (Brazil), traveling regularly to South Africa, Europe, and the USA.


You can learn more about Jacques and Book of Floating Pages by going to





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