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Maker Spotlight - Meet Jess Kovach! - Spiral Circle

Maker Spotlight - Meet Jess Kovach!


Meet Jess Kovach!   She is a local Maker from Apopka, Fl. In this interview, Jess shares more about herself, her business and her passion for creating Handmade Pottery and Heirloom Seeds


What is the name of your business?

Earthen Stories Shoppe


Your product certification or values?



How do you signify ownership?

women owned


How did you become a maker?

Creating pottery has been a sanctuary for me helping with relaxation and through the creative flow, I realized how much connecting through creativity with the Earth feeds my spirit.

Why do you create?

Clay-work is the practice of the cycles of life and the storytelling of nature through creating with my hands. I love to see what else is possible.

How do you weave sacred or conscious commerce into your products or business operations?

Setting intentions when creating outside in the garden, witnessing the cycle of the season and the moon, infusing plants from the garden and sacred symbols into the clay.

I enjoy practicing  ancient linage hand building techniques to craft unique pottery. Each piece is one of a kind, handmade in the garden, and inspired by organic natural textures using botanical impressions, shells, fossils, stamps, and carvings.The lines carved in the pottery represent the paths and rivers that connect all beings.

Enjoy these small batch, local Florida artisan pottery pieces.

What wisdom would you like to share?

Everything in nature has a story to share if we are willing to listen. Each grain of sand, drop of water, and spark of fire has a long storyline that is the inspiration of these sacred Earthen clay work pieces. The minerals have been broken, reshaped by the elements and crafted into an act of coming together through creating these Earthen clay works.

What are your top three books?

Coming Home - Poetry by Jamie Reaser

The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane

The Overstory by Richard Powers


Instagram @earth_stories_shoppe

Facebook handle

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