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Maker Spotlight - Meet Chonteau McElvin! - Spiral Circle

Maker Spotlight - Meet Chonteau McElvin!


Meet Chonteau McElvin! She is one of our local Makers who resides right here in sunny Central Florida! You may also notice her as one of our Spiral Staff! In addition to being a Maker, Chonteau is a Medicine Woman Sacred Plant Herbalist, Intuitive and retired Social Worker. 

What is the name of your business?

Soul Care University and Chonteau


What type of products do you create?

Sacred Artifact Creations

Your product certification or values?

Fair trade


How do you signify ownership?

Black owned


How did you become a maker?

I started creating items for myself and they really helped me in my wellness journey and my spiritual awakening. My friends and family started asking me to create for them and I did. The feed back was overwhelmingly great. They loved what I was creating and it supported them in so many ways. I decided to start a business around my products.


Why do you create?

I love creating sacred artifacts for others to use in their personal growth and wellness. I am always dreaming up new ways to share the plant allies and sacred stones. Everything I create is from nature and is to support one's personal development on all levels. I create because I can't not. Being in my healing garden in the most loving place I know.

 How do you weave sacred or conscious commerce into your products or business operations?

Everything I do and all that I am is sacred. In the indigenous world view we do not separate sacred and non sacred. All is sacred and thus anything that I birth is sacred.


What wisdom would you like to share?

I want to share about the importance of connecting nature in varying ways. Consider nature being our greatest wise teachers and it is always seeking to support us in our growth and development. Must must remember to seek relationships with rather than dominance over nature. When we do that we will see our lives come into alignment with the greatest good for all.


What are your top three books?

I can share three books I am reading at this time. Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones. Ubuntu and Womb Awakening.


Chonteau is also the creator of the upcoming Sage Woman Healers Conference online event,  happening September 25 -27, 2020. This conference will focus on building our spiritual tools AND preparing us to take passionate action in our communities. Spiral Circle is a proud sponsor of the event! 









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