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Luminous Splendor: Realize Plenty - Spiral Circle

Luminous Splendor: Realize Plenty

Right now, our "Bounty" is the entire field of ideas, hopes, dreams, fears, actions and opportunities that "have gone viral" on our techno-media. Take your pick of every possible reason, cause and outcome of the major events taking place across the planet. We are at a worldwide choice point, the culmination of a 5,125 year cycle according to research by Gregg Braden. Now, we begin a new era. Here are some seeds we have already planted. Just add the water of your personal consciousness.
  1. We are being shown how every action we take affects the entire world. The very first response to the news of a "virus attack" was that all the "little people," ordinary folks everywhere, decided to do a sensible thing, stay home, take care of loved ones, increase hygiene, eat healthy food to support their immune systems, etc. And THEY SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Without any protest, no war, no complaints; they/we just did the right thing. This is often the first and best response to any disaster. Nourish the seed of timely response.
  2. This sensible helpfulness got many businesses to close down before they were mandated to do so. Other businesses decided to stay open because people needed them to do so. Again, ordinary human beings took precautions, and many went out of their way to be super helpful to their customers. LOVING ACTION TOOK OVER. Nourish the seed of right action.
  3. Even though war, the urge to kill anything or anyone who seems to be attacking us, has long been mankind's way, we are born with our hearts and minds in sync, able to live in harmony with all that is. Then, we have been taught both that we must defend ourselves and that we must "love our neighbors as ourselves." We struggle most of our lives to come to terms with these different viewpoints. Now, we are at another critical crossroads. Nourish the seed of cooperation.
  4. Information abounds on every possible viewpoint. I am thrilled to see so much love being shown by people everywhere in response to what has been defined as a "viral attacker," then redefined by others as a great blessing. LOVING PERSPECTIVES ARE AVAILABLE TO ANYONE, internet or not. Nourish the seed of ancient wisdom brought forth into our time.
  5. We are learning the POWER OF WORDS, especially headlines! It is easy to generate tons of fear with a few keywords and commands. It is just as easy to generate the awakening of higher consciousness. Drop the blame. Nourish the seed of forgiveness
  6. Hard times often result in prayers of a deeper nature. Though our first response might be "Help me, God," that often evolves into "Help me to see how I can take the highest, most loving action here." And, later, into "Thank you, God," THE MOST IMPORTANT PRAYER OF ALL. Nourish the seed of gratitude.
  7. MOTHER NATURE TAKES THIS OPPORTUNITY TO CLEAN UP THE PLANET. It is reported that in certain places skies are clear, water has cleaned itself up, the air is again breathable, and humans are singing songs from their porches and helping each other. Nourish the seed of joy.
I ask only that you consider these things. Trust your own heart. Yes, lots of scary stuff is going on. Notice the fear, comfort the child inside who is frightened. We are grown up now, and we know what is needed. We have developed both awareness and skill. You know how you need to love. Nourish the seed of self-awareness.

Take care of yourself in the ways you believe will work for you. You have time now to look more deeply into these important issues. Express your art-full soul. Nourish the seed of inner beauty expressed.

Be love. It is your true nature.

Thank you,
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