Wander the Stars | A Journal for Finding Insight Through Astrology

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Deepen your connection to the cosmos and find meaning in the stars.

Tap into an ancient tradition and let the stars, planets, and luminaries light your way. With Nina Kahn's Wander the Stars, you can explore and harness the wisdom of the cosmos and gain greater self-awareness. Whether you’re evaluating your sun, moon, and rising signs, preparing for retrogrades, or timing life changes with the moon cycle, you can turn to this journal as a fun and engaging way to let astrology be your guide.

  • Perfect for the astro-curious: beginner star babies and astrology pros alike!
  • Investigate the beautiful nuances of your cosmic make-up and discover the forces at play in your life.
  • Vent your feelings, make astrologically-informed decisions, identify personal truths, and become one with the stars and planets above.
  • Restore your sense of wonder and pause to marvel at this vast and powerful universe.

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