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Vera Cruz Amethyst Points

Vera Cruz Amethyst Points

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This is a unique form known only to form in Vera Cruz, Mexico. It is identifiable by its pale hue of a variety of shades of purple. They tend to be small and naturally terminated. This form of Amethyst has different metaphysical properties from its common Amethyst counterpart.

Vera Cruz Amethysts run at a higher vibration and has a very strong spiritual focus. It's excellent for those who have struggled with entering meditative or spiritual states as its energy is much stronger so one may have an easier time finding their center. It is excellent in activating the Third Eye Chakra to aid in connecting to your higher self. Utilizing a Vera Cruz Amethyst in your spiritual and personal journey can make it easier and more efficient. The miners in Vera Cruz take great care in extracting the quartz, so obtaining well kept specimens is relatively easy compared to other crystals.


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