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Third Eye Chakra Incense | 10 Count

Third Eye Chakra Incense | 10 Count

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Ayurveda Is An Ancient Traditional Medicine Whose Origins Date Back To Centuries Before Christs Birth. Ayurvedas Sanskrit Meaning Comes From ayus (Translated As Life) And veda (Translated As Science Or Related To Knowledge). Literally Ayurveda Is The Science Of Life, And Addresses Your Body, Mind And Spiritual Issues. One Of The Tools Ayurveda Uses Is Your Sense Of Smell. It Is One Of Your Strongest Senses And Connects Directly To The Brain. Scent Or Aroma Has The Ability To Affect Your Well-Being. Incense Is A Powerful Way To Deliver Scents. Your Third Eye Chakra Is An Energy Vortex Located Between Your Eyebrows. This Chakra Is Also Known As The Ajna. Your Intuition Resides In This Is A Place Of Devotion Where You Have The Ability To Recognize The Divine In All Things. When The Chakra Is Open You Have The Ability To Learn From Experience, And Find Yourself Open To Other Peoples Ideas. A Blocked Third Eye Chakra May Show Up As Learning Disabilities, Blindness (Physical Or Mental), Deafness, Or Even Stroke. Trilokas Incense Designers Went To Ancient Ayurvedic Formulas To Create Their Third Eye Chakra Incense. They Use Only Natural Products In Their Incense, Which They Blend By Hand. Third Eye Chakra Incense Includes Jasmine, Basic, Lemon, Camphor, And Eucalyptus. Jasmine Is An Intensely Floral And Feminine Fragrance. Jasmines Scent Is Known To Purify Your Emotions. Lemon Brings To The Incense A Refreshing, Revitalizing And Stimulating Aroma. Pungent Eucalyptus Opens You Up. Each Package Has 10 Sticks Which Are 10long. Ayurvedic Medicine Is Ancient And Treats Your Body, Mind And Spirit For Full Health. Incense Is One Of Ayurvedas Tools For Health. Trilokas Third Eye Chakra Ayurvedic Incense Is Blended To Open Your Third Eye Which Helps You Become Conscious Of The Motivations Behind Your Actions. Their Blend Contains Eucalyptus, Basil, Lemon, Jasmine, And Camphor.

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