Sacral Chakra Incense, 10 Count

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When You Buy Triloka Products You Are Helping Humanity Simultaneously. Triloka And Its American Importer, Windrose Trading Company, Have Deep Commitments To The Environment, Practice Sustainable Economic Principles, And Follow Fair Trade Laws. Triloka Incense Is Hand-Made By Village People In Nepal, India And Thailand. Triloka Sacral Chakra Ayurvedic Incense Follows Ancient Formulas. It Contains Flowers, Fruit And Herbs To Stimulate Your Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra Is Located In Your Lower Abdomen Around The Sexual Organs. Its Ayurvedic Name Is Svadisthana. Here Is The Source For Your Creativity. This Chakra Is The Seat Of Duality, Of Yin And Yang, And Of Your Longing To Unite. An Open, Flowing Sacral Chakra Leads You Toward Devotion. Blocked Sacral Chakras Lead To You Having Issues With Control, Money, Sex, Or Power' Not To Mention Guilt Feelings. Physically You Might Experience Pelvic Or Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Or Sexual Potency Issues If Your Sacral Chakra Has Blockages. The Sacral Chakra Seeks To Create: Create Choices, Create Relationships, Create Life. How You Manage This Creative Energy Affects Your Health And Your Ability To Create A Loving Relationship With Yourself. Sacral Chakra Incense Formulas From Ayurvedic Medicine Used In This Incense Combine Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Palmarose, Rose Geranium, Neroli Oil And Lemon. Ylang-Ylang Flowers Are Harvested At Night In May And June When Their Scent Has A Soft Fullness That Adds Both The Exotic And The Sensual To This Incense. The Patchouli Plant Is Native To India (Where It Is Called Puchaput) And Malaysia. Its Aroma Has A Grounding And Balancing Effect On Your Emotions While Is Banishes Lethargy And Sharpens Your Wits. Patchouli's Aroma Has Been Found To Fight Anxiety And Depression. Both Patchouli And Rose Geranium's Scents Are Known To Be Insect Repellents. Lighting Triloka's Sacral Chakra Auyrvedic Incense Can Have Multiple Benefits For You. Packages Contain 10 Sticks, Each 10' Long. Trilok

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