Touched by Light: Eyewitness Accounts of Personal Healing

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The Book, Touched by Light, is a remarkable narrative report of persons who have healed themselves by recognizing how they have created their own disease. The results are expressed as a lighter consciousness, and a transcendency affecting their ability to feel the love of the Brothers, beings from the Light Dimensions. These individuals who speak about their overcoming and healing, have been living and reliving the effects of opposing the Light - and of life as a progressive attainment toward Cosmic Consciousness. In their study of the science of life, they now are able to remove the stigma of their disease. They have attested to the wonderful experience of being Touched by the Light, the higher consciousness of spiritual beings whose motto is Love in Action. If we consider life to be intelligent, and intelligence the sum total of information based on logic and reason, then healing is no more or no less than the codification of the principles of energy, applicable to each person in their quest for the answers to life's infinite equation.

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