The Translucent Revolution: How People Just Like You Are Waking Up and Changing the World

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The growing phenomenon known as translucence is effecting a gentle yet profound revolution in human consciousness. Millions of people from all walks of life are experiencing a deep change in awareness, an experience marked by a new sense of well-being, and increasing joy in life, a diminishing of fear — including fear of death — and a natural impulse to serve the world in a real way. The Translucent Revolution describes this awakening and offers readers ample opportunities to cultivate and encourage the qualities of translucence in their own lives. Drawing from a highly convincing body of evidence, observations from pioneers in the field of human consciousness, and a vast pool of powerful stories, the book explores the effects of translucence on many aspects of contemporary western life, including personal relationships, sex, parenting, education, psychotherapy, medicine, aging, business, and global politics.

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