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Cover Art by Peter Fasolino & Terah Cox; Illustrations by Peter Fasolino & Davina Andree Long. "In the beginning, Love and Truth were two halves of a seemingly perfect pair. Together with their different ways, yet sameness of heart, they were able to be and do all things in service to whomever they encountered. It seemed they would spend all eternity together, opening what was closed, filling what was empty, healing what was broken and making crooked things straight. ... Then one day, Truth got an independent notion..." An inspiring love story for ourselves, each other and the world. Love and Truth come alive as poignant and compelling characters in this timeless fable that touches the heart and wakens the soul of the world that is echoed within each of us. A beautifully woven tale about the urge for togetherness pressed up against the longing for purpose...a search for the things we have often willingly left behind...a tribute to the transformative power of compassion, the uncommon possibility of Two...and an inspiring forecast of all we might yet become as we begin to heal the disconnect between what we love and how we journey through the world. 'Love and Truth' show us that only our hearts can point to our personal true north. Only love can bridge the distance between one truth and another, and only love can reveal the whole truth of a person, or a people, and show the sameness of heart that underlies all our beautiful diversities of creed, culture and color. An inspiring gift for friends and loved ones, colleagues and clients, school programs, teachers, grads, housewarmings and as a read-aloud for holiday gatherings. Also a provocative story for discussion groups, retreat centers, relationship healing and the encouragement of personal and planetary peace. Complements the heirloom-quality handmade edition which is a special gift for weddings, anniversaries, important commemorations and life passages.

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