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The Blues Go Birding Across America

The Blues Go Birding Across America

$6.70 $8.95
Author: Carol Malnor, Sandy Fuller, Louise Schroeder

Want to inspire youngsters to appreciate birds? The BLUES books are the ticket. As one major reviewer said, this is a lighthearted romp with solid information on birds and bird-watching that could inspire future ornithologists. The BLUES are five little cartoon bluebirds, each full of personality, who love to travel, and everywhere they go they discover new birds--REAL birds, that is. Bird facts and birding tips are scattered throughout. Major birders and birding organizations have endorsed the BLUES series.

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Publisher:Dawn Publications
Publish Date:March 1 2010
Edition:Illustrated edition
Author:Carol Malnor, Sandy Fuller, Louise Schroeder

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