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The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember & Interpret Your Dreams

The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember & Interpret Your Dreams

Author: Kala Ambrose

"What makes this book magical is its wealth of sensible advice on preparing and caring for children, and its emphasis on mothers taking care of themselves and honoring their own spirits."―Publishers Weekly, , Your dreams can be an important part of your decision-making, relationships, and problem-solving―if you properly apply them. This easy-to-use book shows how to strengthen the connection between your conscious and unconscious self, helping you achieve your goals and discover valuable insight. You'll explore dreams and sleep phenomena of all kinds, including: RecurringPropheticTeachingVisitationLucidNightmareDaydreamSleep WalkingSleep Talking, , The Awakened Dreamer provides approachable exercises, guided meditations, example dreams, and instructions for creating your own symbol guide. You'll also learn how to combine daydreams with powerful visualizations that can be channeled into your nightly dreams, allowing you to manifest your desires into reality.

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Publisher:Llewellyn Publications
Publish Date:Dec 8 2017
Author:Kala Ambrose
Amazon Breadcrumb:Mental Health

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