TEMPLE (THE): Meditations On The Spiritual Life

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The Temple: Meditations on a Spiritual Life is an extraordinary book of teachings, insights and moments of discovery that will inspire seekers of all faiths and traditions to find magic, joy and revelation in the otherwise ordinary-appearing world around us., , Composed by Buddhist mystic, teacher and award-winning author, Nicole Grace, The Temple is an intimate book of wisdom and a guide to the sanctuary of Truth and power within you., , "The thought of a temple conjures images of a tranquil place providing an environment suitable for contemplating the Divine, expressing gratitude, pleading for guidance and sharing our deepest emotions. It is a reverential site, where we can go not just to escape pain, but also to raise ourselves up to higher thought and purpose, to experience that which is exalted, holy or wondrous., , "What a revelation to learn that you are the refuge you have been seeking. And what profound joy to discover it for yourself.", - from the Introduction to The Temple

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