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SPIRITUAL IMPROV is comprised of two diverse stories-a search for estranged relatives-offering an exposé of spiritualism., , AN OFFICER AND A ROSE: Because An Officer and a Gentlemanwas a favorite movie of Norma-Jean's she dreamed about a sequel. None was forthcoming. In light of that fact she decided to create a story as she envisioned the path of life took those characters. Because of her intrigue with the many facets that reunion with estranged family members provides An Officer and a Rose focuses on that issue, at the same time allowing the weather of time to mold Paula's relationship with Zack in a mystical, unique fashion., , BLOOD LUCK: The second story is based on a true-life experience-to protect those concerned-it is also presented as fiction. After more than forty years of estrangement from his birth mother and younger sister, (who was adopted away about age one), Charlie longs to be reunited. Not all searches meet the expectations of the searcher. All successful searches seem to offer joy, elation, or at least some fashion of satisfaction although many aspects might prove a severe disappointment. Explore the highs and lows of searching, like a roller coaster ride traveling at different speeds, often scary, often numbing, often exhilarating., , If you are adopted, or know of someone who is, these stories offer insightful information.

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