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Spare Me 'The Talk'! A Guy's Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Growing Up

Spare Me 'The Talk'! A Guy's Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Growing Up

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With humor and an emphasis on responsibility, Spare Me 'The Talk'! A Guy's Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Growing Up is a comprehensive crash course in sex and sexuality, written for guys, by a guy. This newly updated and expanded version is unflinchingly honest and perfect for a teen just interested in the facts, or a parent wanting to start the conversation.

If you have a teenage boy, there’s a 50 percent chance that he’s already sexually active, and a 33 percent chance that he’s been solicited by an online predator in the past year. How prepared is he for the risks and realities of sex?Unflinchingly honest, unfailingly complete, immensely readable (and often funny), Spare Me ‘The Talk’! is the first book of its kind by a guy, for guys ages 12-24, and for parents of boys as young as 8.

With real-world stats and tips for both parents and their sons, this is not the typical, “what’s happening down there?” book with a blue cover instead of a pink one. It’s a comprehensive crash course for boys on staying safe ― emotionally, mentally, and physically ― while navigating the danger-laden worlds of teenage sex and sexuality in a digital age.

Your teen will learn proven, effective ways to:

  • Avoid pregnancy, and HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Stay safe online and avoid sexual harm
  • Ask someone out (and let someone down easy)
  • Understand bodies and body issues, both male and female
  • Accept that sexuality comes in all shapes and sizes
  • Know the consequences of abstinence, indulgence, and everything in between
  • Decide what is right for him, remaining true to himself and respectful of others

With a strong moral compass, veteran sex educator Jo Langford offers a powerful supplement to those notoriously awkward parent-guy sex talks, answering the tough questions that teenage guys really have ― but may be too embarrassed to ask.

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