Soul Purpose | Assists Choice Making; Discover Your Passion

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Live in Love With Life; Dreams & Visions

This blend is about tuning into life's current and allowing spiritual source to flow through; to vibrate in unison with the universe and make clear choices.Take the drops when contemplating questions regarding direction, divine will. Ask yourself what gifts you have for the world and listen for the answers. Pay attention to your feelings: they are signs! Your dreams and curiosity will help uncover your path. Realize the goal that is contained in each step. Be an artist of the sacred, create your life as a work of art. Physical healing often manifests when you discover your soul path, so it is important to embrace what makes your heart and soul sing! Direct and remember your dreams.

Essences:  Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste longepetalia), Cerato, Inner Guru (Purple Sage), Open Mind/Future Vision (Mugwort), Wild Oat, Wild Rose, Blue Sapphire, Transparent Indigo Sodalite, and White Marble

Base: 80% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 20% vodka as a preservative.

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