Smudge Stick Mini Yerba Santa w/ Statice & Mullein Bundle

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Yerba Santa frees the lungs and heart to acknowledge and release stored emotional experience. Yerba Santa (Spanish for “holy herb”) us used to recognize traumatic emotional experiences and aides in releasing them. Yerba Santa teaches people that acknowledging the uncomfortable feeling of pain is oftentimes the only way to let themselves be free from suffering. 

Yerba del Lobo / Muellin has been used throughout history as a tonic* for the entire respiratory system as well as an herbal remedy to relieve bronchiole congestion, asthma attacks or a deep, dry cough. Mullein also has slightly sedative and narcotic properties, making it a useful remedy for coughs that can disturb sleep.

Statice's primary meaning is one of remembrance and symbolizes both fond memories and sympathy and can be used either in memorial wreaths and bouquets or in floral arrangements at reunions or meetings of old friends. They also symbolize success making them suitable for a wide variety of celebrations, too.

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