Rough Colored Tourmaline Dangly Earrings | Sterling Silver

Color: Blue
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Multi Coloured Tourmaline Stone Healing Properties

Multi-coloured tourmaline is said to strengthen weak souls and bring about self confidence in them. It helps release tension and anxiety and increases one's level of tolerance. It guards the nervous system and improves the immune system. It also enhances hand and eye coordination and flexibility of the spinal cord and brings compassion, love and energy in any relationship.

Multi Coloured Tourmaline Special Properties, Uses & Benefits

Multicoloured tourmaline has two or more shades but the most common of them all is the combination of red and green, hence the name 'Watermelon'. However, the colour changes each time you view from different angles. This is also a birthstone for those born on the month of October. Besides its numerous healing properties as mentioned above, what is unique about this stone is that it is also called the Love Stone as it is worn by those couples facing difficulties in their relationships as it is usually worn to balance one's energy in the body.


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