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Pegasus | Good Luck Minis

Pegasus | Good Luck Minis

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Few mythical creatures are as instantly recognizable as Pegasus the flying horse. The steed appears in several myths, including the adventures of Poseidon, Perseus, and Bellerophon. Although there are several flying horses in mythology, there is only one Pegasus. History: The life of Pegasus begins somewhat dubiously, the offspring of the freshly defeated Medusa and the sea god Poseidon, a union that was cursed by the goddess Athena. When Perseus defeated Medusa, the flying horse Poseidon sprang from her body, which was convenient for the hero, who, in some versions of the myth, needed a ride home. Scientific Name: Pegasus. Characteristics: Wings spread wide, this Pegasus figure has endless uses. Use it in DIY jewelry or charms, decorate a mythology party, or add it to a Greek school project. Size: White, of course, this flexible Pegasus is as long as it is wide, about the size of a large playing die, around an inch in length. All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

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