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One species. One mind. One world. One energy flows between and within us all. It connects us to one another; our environment; the universe; and, your destiny. This energy feeds your intuition. ONE demonstrates that intuition is: Hard-wired – Everyone is Intuitive, including you! Physics – Atoms and the laws of physics allow intuition to be possible. Observation – The only thing that separates an intuitive from a non-intuitive is that an intuitive pays close attention to his or her environment and synchronicities. Not to be Feared – It’s not evil, the most common fears are debunked. About You – It’s not simply about knowing the future or talking to dead people, it is about you being on your life’s path and bringing you hope. In addition, through exercises you will obtain insight regarding: The ways you are already using your intuition. Your life purpose AND how the experiences you have facilitate your soul’s evolution. Using the universe to assist you on your journey through life. The stories your ego tells you AND how to avoid believing or acting on those

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