O-Becoming One, Transformation Beyond Survival

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A full color cover and illustrations highlight this tale of holistic healing which reads like a pycho-spiritual detective story. The author's awakening consciousness is depicted as a series of "I" operations in which events, relationships, dreams and physical symptoms each play a significant role. The journey spans three continents, several careers, marriage and divorce and encompasses private journals, psychotherapy, spontaneous drawing, bodywork and a variety of holistic approaches to the investigation of consciousness. The reader is taken from the wrenching displacement of war and its far-reaching aftermath within the family and from the dark secrets of the child to the full clarity of the wise woman. Universal themes are demonstrated with quotations from Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, Kahil Gibran, John Newton, T.S. Colerdige, Hans Christian Anderson and the Bible. "We must each recognize the roots of war and conflict in the unresolved issues of our individual experience" writes Lisa Raphael. "Beyond war and conflict, beyond human betrayal, beyond conscious recollection there is a Loving Presence without whom there cannot be peace in the world. Our true home is with the One"

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