Montessori Cosmic Education Nesting Doll 7pc./6"

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We are very happy to offer the Montessori Cosmic Education Nesting Doll. These stellar original cosmic dolls provide an overview of the Cosmos. They are inspired by Montessori's Cosmic Education and help to show how everything is interconnected. Sail through space together as the story unfolds using this truly interactive learning experience (use link below to follow along as you open the doll). Brought to our artists at Golden Cockerel by New Zealand school teacher Michael Conroy. These dolls truly inspire starting with Doll 1 - The Cosmos/Universe, Doll 2 - Earth/Early Earth, Doll 3 - Life/Life on Earth, Doll 4 - Humanity, Doll 5 - Writing, Doll 6 - Numbers/Mathematical Notation, Doll 7 - Babies/Peace, love and hope for the future.

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