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Military Stress Reactions | Rethinking Trauma and PTSD

Military Stress Reactions | Rethinking Trauma and PTSD

Author: Carrie H Kennedy Phd Abpp

 Many people--including some mental health professionals and service members themselves--have the misconception that military deployment is highly likely to cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

This book gives practitioners a more nuanced understanding of military stress reactions and related mental health concerns, from transient adjustment problems to clinical disorders. Drawing on expert knowledge of military environments and culture, Carrie H. Kennedy provides vital guidance for evidence-based assessment, intervention, and prevention. Kennedy emphasizes that over-dependence on the diagnosis of PTSD can lead to suboptimal care, and shows how to tailor treatment to each service member's or veteran's needs. A crucial addition to any practitioner's library, the book is illustrated with numerous case vignettes.

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Publisher:Guilford Publications
Publish Date:May 7 2020
Author:Carrie H Kennedy Phd Abpp
Amazon Breadcrumb:Medicine

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