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Metal Lotus Cones Incense Holder

Metal Lotus Cones Incense Holder

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The lotus is a special flower that grows in swamps. The stems nestle deep in the soil. On the surface of the water the lotus flower blooms. This incense cone holder has the shape of a lotus flower. The scent of incense cones is often used for meditation. Because the lotus flower stands for growth and development, it fits perfectly with reflection and meditation. The lotus flower and its meaning The lotus flower is a well-known symbol with multiple meanings. The symbol is often used in the world of yoga and meditation. The lotus flower stands for personal growth, awareness, purity and purity. The roots of the lotus flower also have a meaning: you don't see them, because they are in the darkness. This is a symbol of your past, which will always be there. The contrast with the purity of the flower is that despite (or with the help of) your past, you can always find relief. Burn incense with the metal

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