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Mahogany Tarot

Mahogany Tarot

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Mahogany Tarot sees the Rider Waite Deck reimagined in shades of Mahogany! Tarot is such a powerful and fascinating tool that has been used for millennia to help seekers of wisdom gain a deeper understanding of the vast possibilities that lie before us. Kasheera Hickson is an artist, tarot reader, and energy healer who became inspired while learning the art of tarot to reimagine the Rider-Waite Deck in shades of Mahogany. This deck acts as the melanated twin to the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck. The new artistic renderings remain true to the classic imagery that has made the original so timeless and loved. With tarot, we tap into our intuition and allow ourselves to be guided toward what is inherently best for ourselves and each person we work with. We allow the truth to be revealed through the cards and to revel in the knowledge that we have the power to create the world the way we want it to be. Tarot guides us to take the path that will ultimately lead us to the greatest version of ourselves. All of the knowledge and insight gained through tarot is already within, sometimes we just need another to help us awaken to our inner truth.


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