Beholding Mama Terraphim with prayer seeds

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“Forged of Earth and Water, birthed in Fire and Air, purified and imbued, blessed and activated with herb and drum, song and prayer, this Beholding Mama Terraphim offers Herself to you. May you know that as you birth life through the sacred portal of your womb, you are deeply held in a primal matrix of love, cradled inside the primordial bones of the ancient, Unseen She. Rest gently in and move powerfully from the energetic presence of Her heart, feel Her in your hands as you tend and hold, knowing Her song of love, for you and all the fruits of your labours in each and every cell of your beautiful being.”

Each Beholding Mama Terraphim cradles in her center, hand-rolled beads, each one imbued with a prayer of blessing and affirmation. Each time the Terraphim is moved the beads gently release their sound and energetic vibration of prayer and blessing for the good of all.

The Terraphim is slip cast in Terra cotta and hand-finished. Her dimensions are approximately 13cm wide x 14cm high x 5.5 cm deep.

Although these pieces are made in a mold, each one is hand finished. Due to the nature of this process (and the rustic nature of the artists workshop and kiln) each piece has its own unique qualities and there may be slight differences in tone and detail from one piece to another. 

Due to the porous nature of the clay, the more the piece is handled the better. Natural oils from the skin will enrich the surface quality.

Please note that the Goddess is very fragile and must be handled with care.

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