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Little Green Apples | God Really Did Make Them!

Little Green Apples | God Really Did Make Them!

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Author: O.C. Smith, James Shaw

LITTLE GREEN APPLES: GOD REALLY DID MAKE THEM! shows readers how to choose, grab, and bite into the best apples in every season and in every orchard of their lives. This book is an action-directed life manual that teaches readers: the form and formula for living life and living it abundantly; to acknowledge, recognize, and accept their "divinity-identity"; to approach life with the Christ-consciousness and the knowledge that God is the Source of all that is good; and that God has deliberately prepared all good in abundance for them. An astute and articulate observer of life, as a glancing review of his hit pop songs will prove to anyone, Rev. O.C. Smith, in writing this book, is 'singing' his best song yet., , As you turn each page, be prepared to experience a powerful dose of O.C.'s joy, love, wisdom and happiness. Like the eye-opening taste of a crisp green apple, O.C. will wake you up to a new understanding of life.

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Publisher:DeVorss & Company
Publish Date:March 1 2003
Author:O.C. Smith, James Shaw

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