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Joyous Childbirth Changes the World

Joyous Childbirth Changes the World

Author: Dr. Tadashi Yoshimura, Ina May Gaskin

“No matter how science has progressed, childbirth, in essence, has remained unchanged from ancient times . . . [It] is the last natural process left to us,” writes internationally lauded obstetrician Dr. Tadashi Yoshimura. “The fact that it has remained unchanged means that there is truth in it.” The truth and power of birth is the subject of Dr. Yoshimura’s first book published in the United States. Yoshimura describes babies born so directly into the arms of their mothers that they do not cry, and women so transformed with pride and passion in their ability that they are joyous and forever changed. Instead of a medical emergency, Yoshimura describes birth as a transcendent and natural process that cannot be perfected, and that, when performed through the innate power of women, reveals what he calls a “mystic beauty.” Full of delightful stories of birthing women and peaceful smiling infants, and helpful tips from his childbirth preparation program, Joyous Childbirth Changes the World is a must-read for all expectant parents and those who care for them. Yoshimura’s clinic serves as a testament to the kind of compassionate birth culture that is possible if we prioritize the health and experience of women and babies.

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Publisher:Seven Stories Press
Publish Date:April 29 2014
Edition:1st edition
Author:Dr. Tadashi Yoshimura, Ina May Gaskin

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