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Journey into Light | The Story of a Woman's Struggle to Heal, Love, and Forgive

Journey into Light | The Story of a Woman's Struggle to Heal, Love, and Forgive

Author: Gayle Rose Martinez

An inspiring and powerful story of a young woman's struggle for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing after he leg is almost severed in a motorcycle accident. Compellingly told and immensely readable, this book offers intimate glimpses of the author's personal weaknesses and shows he almost superhuman efforts to find an inner source of direction and purpose. Throughout the tender, painful moments of her failing marriage, her drug abuse, and difficult relationships, you will sense the author's depth of determination and faith-and you will rejoice in her victory of physical healing and transformation. A life which demonstrates proof that the human spirit, when fused with inner resolve, an be a powerful tool to: * Overcome almost any adversity * Activate the healing power of prayer * Open the mind to greater inner discovery * Find an individual source of renewal * Stretch the capacity to love more fully, , Journey into Light clearly exemplifies how spiritual courage and perseverance can overcome the darkness of physical and emotional pain to lift one up into the healing light of God. For all those who have ever felt like giving up, this book is the flame of inspiration that beckons one to push onward to the end of the tunnel and into the light. ~ Mary Summer Rain

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Publisher:Rose Petal Pr
Publish Date:Aug. 1 1992
Edition:1st edition
Author:Gayle Rose Martinez

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