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Islamic Fundamentalism | The New Global Threat

Islamic Fundamentalism | The New Global Threat

Author: Mohammad Mohaddessin

This book is an affirmation of the wisdom of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. It describes, however, the dire effects of fundamentalism fed by the frenzy of the ayatollahs of Iran, beginning with Khomeini., The octopus of fundamentalism stretches its tentacles into vulnerable places from Central Asia to the Atlantic coast of Africa, from New York to Cairo. Its heart beats in Tehran, where Khomeini's heirs misuse petro-dollars and the profound religious beliefs of the Muslim world to export Khomeiniism, the most destructive and retrogressive form of religious fundamentalism., Poised to strike at the heart of Khomeiniism in Iran is a resistance movement whose pivotal force, the People's Mojahedin, are Shiite Muslims, but with a democratic and nationalistic orientation.

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Publisher:Seven Locks Pr
Publish Date:Jan. 1 1993
Edition:2nd ed. Illustrated. edition
Author:Mohammad Mohaddessin

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