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Illuminations on the Road to Nowhere

Illuminations on the Road to Nowhere

Author: Paul Ferrini

There comes a time for all of us when the outer destinations no longer satisfy and we finally understand that the love and happiness we seek cannot be found outside of us. It must be found in our own hearts, on the other side of our pain. This book makes it clear that we can no longer rely on outer teachers or teachings to find our spiritual identity. Nor can we find who we are in relationships where boundaries are blurred and one person makes decisions for another. If we want to be authentic, we can't allow anyone else to be an authority for us, nor can we allow ourselves to be an authority for another person. This provocative book challenges many of our basic assumptions about personal happiness and the meaning of our relationship with others and with God.

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Publisher:Heartways Pr
Publish Date:June 1 1999
Edition:Reprint edition
Author:Paul Ferrini

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