4" Healing Crystal Wands

Style: Lapis Lazuli
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This 4 inch wand features a pyramid atop its head, followed by a body of 7 amethyst half spheres in triangular formation guilded by its metal frame. The wand then ends with a base of a crystal point corresponding to the crystal that the pyramid is made of. 

These wands feature either Lapis Lazuli or Clear Quartz as the head and base of the wand. Quartz invokes the storm element, while Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli invoke wind. This makes these crystals excellent teammates in your spiritual practices!

Quartz Properties: Amplifying other properties and intentions, cleansing, healing.

Lapis Lazuli Properties: inner truth, self awareness, high virtue, enhancing intellect/memory.

Amethyst has properties that provide relief, purification, connection to the divine. Coupling it with either of these gemstones will enhance and summon these shared properties.

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