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Green Tree Flower of Life Box Incense Holder

Green Tree Flower of Life Box Incense Holder

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Green Tree Flower of Life Box Incense Holder

Discover Green Tree's deluxe varieties of incense boxes. Not only are these stylish home accessories to see, they are also very practical. You can open and close the coffin box and there are two holes in the walls to neatly place the stick. So there is room to burn one or two sticks at the same time. The ashes are neatly collected and the box is also provided with a storage compartment for your incense.

 Flower of Life

The flower of life contains a blueprint of entire creation. The symbol can be found in several ancient civilizations such as in Indian and Egyptian Temples. But you will also find this symmetrical flower of life in Greece, Israel and Japan and China. It’s the fundamental form of time and space. Her sacred geometry symbolizes the unity consciousness. It can be found in various esoteric movements as a powerful spiritual symbol full of mathematics. With her 19

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